How to Photoshop clipping work 2023?

What is a clipping path?
A trimming path is an important Photoshop tool that allows you to remove,
cut out images, or “ clipping ” an item or products from its background when other styles wo n’t work. This system is particularly useful when you have a product featured against a
complexs or varicolored background. photoshop clipping path service

When to use a clipping path.
Then are numerous cases where trimming paths are useful

When you needs to display a products against a plain or white background
When you needs to display your products against a transparent background
When you want to places your product in a compounds print with several other products
When you want to changes the color of your products or portions of your product( useful if you have the same product in multiple colors)
Any time you need to insulate your product from the other corridor of the snap

How do you create a clipping path in Photoshop?
1. Set up your Pen tools
2.the Draw a path around your product
3.Save as your path
4.Create a clipping paths
5.Create an selection from your clipping path
6.Create a clipping mask
7.Set up your photoshop Pen tool

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clipping path service company

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