Image Masking Service

Image masking service is one of the alternatives to clipping path service. Image masking service is the process of separating an image from its background which sounds the same definition as clipping path service but her the subject is furry thus individually clipping is almost impossible and time consuming. Thus, by masking the subject the graphic design expert removes the subject from the background. This also allows easier manipulation of the background- either leaving a plain white background or adding a new background to gain more focus on the subject. It is estimated that 38% consumers want to see products on a white background. This is not just a preference. It is done so that the consumers do not get distracted by the product’s surroundings. Image masking service is used to easily remove product backgrounds and create a professional look for ecommerce websites.

What is image masking service?

Image masking is helpful when it comes to removing background from images that have objects with hair or fur. The complex details of the individual hair and furs make it difficult to perform clipping path, so experts use masking technique to clip out the object and remove that background. This process is known as image masking service. Masking an image takes a lot of patience, skill and time. But the laborious work is worth it in the end as each strand of hair accounted for is cut out in a path when you’re done.
Image masking service allows photographers to remove the products from the background and remove any distractions from the frame. It also helps create a uniform, consistent look to all of your product photos and create a sort of custom theme that looks aesthetic. Whether you have a single image or a huge pile of images from product photoshoot, Clippingservicestudio will help you focus on what really matters in your business which is getting more high valuable clients.

Different types of image masking service we provide
According to the image type, color, resolution image masking has been divided into a few types. Here are some details on the complexity of image masking and techniques used for each type-

  • Alpha channel masking– Alpha channel masking is mostly used for lucid or semi translucent photos. By isolating subject with this technique, experts can easily produce undisturbed edges.
  • Complex layer masking service-Complex layer masking is very useful when dealing with fine objects or concentrated objects like fair, fur etc. Our company offers hair masking service which allows you to extract or cut out such objects effortlessly and flawlessly to replace the background.
  • Transparency masking-Transparency masking is a process that removes the backgrounds of transparent objects. This allows you to showcase the translucent product over a new background.
  • Translucent image masking– Here the process involves removing transparent objects in an image from its background. Also, we use translucent image masking to remove unwanted pixels from images for perfection.
  • Collage masking-When creating a collage our experts remove the backgrounds of each image and impose several layers of images against each other.

Benefits of image masking service

  • Image masking helps you isolate the product from the image and all the distractions in the background and showcases only the object to the customer.
  • Image masking service will make your ecommerce website more professional looking and create a custom theme where your products are showcased on the same background which looks very eye catching.
  • This will create more detail in your product photos and the product specific features will pop out and attract more attention of the customer.
  • Creates a user-friendly interface for your customers as now they can easily compare products and pick which product they want.

Why choose Clipping Service Studio as photoshop image masking service provider company?

It is very clear that image masking in photoshop creates a major difference in both quality and presentation of your ecommerce website product photos. However, this can become a very time-consuming process. Most of our clients in Clipping service studio are ecommerce business owners or entrepreneurs who are looking to build their business up as quick as they can. Thus, these innovative business owners can not spend hours a day editing their images. Clipping service studio provides reliable and affordable services and we deliver on time. We trained our professionals who are passionate at their job and always deliver quality and consistency every time. Our clients rely on Clipping service studio to provide them with professional image masking service and deliver the highest quality result possible on every project. When you are facing a deadline that is approaching quickly, our company is at your corner. We are capable of taking on large projects and deliver them in record time. Our graphic designers work efficiently, quickly and with great attention towards detail.
Also, we offer free revisions within the shortest time as our commitment to customer satisfaction is our only priority. If you want a long-lasting professional bond with a professional image masking service providing company then Clipping service studio is your best choice.