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Clipping Path and Image Editing Service Provider Company

Get Professional Photo Editing Services Specializing in Ecommerce Product Photography

Clipping Service Studio is an online outsourcing photo editing company. Our company provides 100% handmade photoshop image editing services at an affordable price. Clipping path is a vector path or shape that outlines a focused subject. It is used to isolate an object from the noisy background. Clipping path service can also help replace your subject’s background for better exposure. We at Clipping Service Studio provide a high quality cut out of the subject thus saving valuable time for you the ecommerce business owners to focus on growing your business.

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Why choose Clipping Service Studio?

Quality & Commitment

We at Clipping Service Studio thrive for 100% client satisfaction. Client’s needs is always our first priority. Our company has an uncompromising commitment to give our clients the best quality work and services at the most affordable price possible. We always double check our finished work before submitting to the client.

Quick Services

Are you in need of a quick photo editing? Is your deadline approaching? Well, fear not as our company has a large team of expert graphic designers and we do not hesitate to take any large projects that need to be delivered in short time. Clipping service studio team are specialists at what they do and they always quality check and deliver orders on time. We can retouch any small or large amount of image within short time. You can be assured that the quality of photo will definitely not drop.

Best Price Offers

Clipping Service Studio offers you the perfect price that you would desire. Our company assure every one of our client with the best possible price rate that any other company would probably not give. For choosing the best option please go through our price menu and inform us or ask us any question on our 24/7 customer service.

24/7 Customer Service

Here at Clipping Service Studio we provide our clients with 24/7 customer support service 365 days. If you have any question about how we work, our pricing, whether of not we could handle your project or not. Any question you have, you can just ask us and we will answer. Everyone of our customers are valuable to us and every project is important to us. We provide you high quality photo editing service so that you can focus on growing your business. So, what are you waiting for? Why not try our image editing services and you decide for yourself?

Our Photo Editing Services

Clipping Path

Clipping path service is a method in which a subject or multiple subject from an image are cut out by using photoshop clipping path and placed on a solid background to create a professional image of the product where the focus is only on the product.  We provide 100% high quality professional image clipping path service. All our clipping path service and photoshop multipath service is done by our team of professional graphic designers. Our experts are very efficient in using the photoshop pen tool and are very accurate in what they do. If you are looking for attention to detail then Clipping service studio is the right choice for you. Our company provides 24 hours live online support and service.


Image Retouching

A photo is almost never perfect. It is really difficult to find the perfect environment where you can take the perfect photo. Even with very pricy equipment there is something missing. That’s why image retouching service is here to provide your product photos the shine that it needs to attract customers. We are living in an era where everything is sold on the internet. So, the number of ecommerce websites are rising. But to be successful in an ecommerce business you need high quality images that convince the potential customer that your product is of high quality and they should buy that product. We at Clipping service studio have experienced graphics designers who are very passionate at their work and would love to retouch your product photos for you.

Image Masking

Image masking service an alternative to clipping path service where our expert graphic designers use the photoshop masking tool to remove the subject from the image. Clipping path is a very time-consuming technique when it comes to clipping out an object with lots of fur or hair. In this case our experts use the masking feature in photoshop to get a more accurate cut out that clipping would have taken hours to do. Image masking service is so accurate that it targets the smallest of edges and details. We at Clipping Service Studio ensure 100% high quality full photoshop image layer masking. Clipping mask and alpha channel masking are also feature we provide. We provide image masking service as a nondestructive process to clipping a complex object from a photo.

Shadow Creation

In ecommerce stores, buyers can’t see or touch the product they are buying which makes an absence of validness and trust issues. Shadow makes your product photo more normal and authentic for online stages. This inclination is one of the central issues to build your deals. Internet business shopping is getting all the more requesting step by step. So as an ecommercebusiness owner you need to guarantee your customer the authenticity of your product.  The Photoshop shadow creation service is a photo editing method, that can deliver shadow to a photo and it assists with bringing life into a photo. 

Ghost Mannequin

Photoshop ghost mannequin removal service effect and Photshop neck joint service is very important for the owner of apparel and garment industry. Also magazine and photographer and as a biggest growing sector of ecommerce industry ghost mannequin removal service has become a necessity. Ghost mannequin service and neck joint service such a process that from a product image photo is cut out from dummy or mannequin to stretch in a way as if it were the only image of the product. Clipping service studio expert aim at beautifying your fashion product photos naturally by color correction, size match and design. We also call ghost mannequin removal service as photo manipulation service.

Color Correction

Color correction has different meaning to different types of people. For some people the work of color correction is very time consuming, pain stalking task involving individualized adjustments to every Lightroom slider, brush and gradient. We at clipping service studio have professional graphic designers to give you the most natural looking color correction possible that will attract customers to your website and make your ecommerce product photos look attractive and eye catching.

Image Restoration

Pictures contain memories and we humans love to keep and remind our old memories. The photo restoration service allows you to keep your memories by editing old and damaged photos. Following a couple of years, old photos get damaged, torn, tore, molded, lost colors, and so on Picture restoration is the ideal photo editing answer for fixing these issues. Each picture has a story behind it and when we see that photo we remember every one of them. Memories of loved ones, wedding memories, and family backgrounds are some important things that we would prefer not to lose ever. The photo restoration recreates the old photos that have been damaged. This is the simplest method to recuperate all those pictures that require to be restored.

Background Remove

Clipping Path is a common image editing service done by clipping service studio. Another name for clipping path service is background removal service. The difference is that here our professional graphic designers remove ecommerce product photo backgrounds and creates a translucent effect that looks very appealing to the customer when checking out product. This service is mainly targeted on the ecommerce website owners to get affordable background removal service that is high quality. Background removal service is very common and high demand in our image editing sector.

Clipping Path Samples

Customers Reviews

CSS made it possible for our business to focus on what we do best. Their knowledge and expertise on image have freed up valuable time. One of the best companies I have worked with & highly recommend them.
Lucious O'Hara
This company is amazing. They know what needs to be done & do it promptly. They are responsive, completes fixes with any fuss. I very much appreciate having heather as a business partner.
Eliseo Harvey
Fantastic Work! I am just impressed by their service quality & working strategy. I hired them for the images of my online ecommerce site and they have satisfied me to the full by delivering the exceptional service. Highly recommended.
Tom Langosh