Ghost Mannequin Removal Service

Enhance your presentation with ghost mannequin removal service

Are you looking to showcase high quality images of your ecommerce clothing store? The fashion industry and photography industry are all successful because of their image. So be sure to make your images shine with Clipping service studio’s ghost mannequin removal service. Our professional graphic designers help to remove the mannequin images that tend to distract the customers from the product. Achieving the ghost mannequin removed effect takes skill and time to master. Not everyone can provide a high-quality ghost mannequin removal service. It is true that the main reason behind ecommerce business’s success are high quality photos. Photos that bring your product to life are necessary to generate sales. Hiring a model for photoshoot can become very expensive. So many ecommerce business owners have resolved to using a mannequin to showcase their clothing. But having a mannequin shown in photos is really unprofessional and dull looking. So, ghost mannequin removal service is used to remove the mannequin and create a ghost like figure that showcases the cloth properly.

What is ghost mannequin removal service?

Ghost mannequin service the procedure of a graphic design expert skillfully removing a mannequin from a photo and carefully reattaching the neck portion of the clothing product. That is why ghost mannequin removal is also known as ghost mannequin removal and neck joint service. Ghost mannequin service is one of the best methods of showcasing cloths in catalogs or ecommerce websites. The end result of ghost mannequin removal service is an image that allows the customer to see how the apparel actually fits a real human.

How to do ghost mannequin removal on your image?

To create a ghost mannequin to your photo you will first need an image of the clothing with the mannequin and one image without the mannequin. Put the two images together at the neck by using clipping path. Now you have an apparel that looks like there is an invisible mannequin wearing it. Some ghost mannequins are not manipulated at the neck joint. For example- pants, watches and hats can also be edited to add natural volume and texture. Clothing and accessories that are displayed on invisible mannequin look more realistic and natural. This allows the customers to see how your product would probably look like if they wore it.

Different types of ghost mannequin service we provide-
There are different types of cloths and apparels. Based on that graphic designers have to take different approaches to removing mannequins and showcasing the product in a professional manner. This is the reason ghost mannequin removal service has four types. Here are the types of ghost mannequin removal service-

  1. 360-degree mannequin effect– Here the effect creates an appearance of product that performs a full rotation so that clients can view the product from every angle. The 360-degree view ensures customers that they see realistic depiction of the cloth.
  2. Neck joint ghost mannequin effect– This service is used for cloths like tank tops or low-cut blouses. This service combines multiple images of the cloth to remove the mannequin and display the cloth as one. This effect focuses on removing the distractions from shoulder region to fully display the product.
  3. Bottom joint ghost mannequin effect– Here the lower half of the mannequin is removed so that the customers can get a better sense for what the bottom of the cloth looks like. This service is used for displaying dresses, sweatshirts etc.
  4. Sleeves mannequin effect– Here our professional graphic designer exposes the inner portion of the sleeves by removing the mannequin’s palms. Removing the mannequin puts the sole focus on the product itself and not the mannequin.

Benefits of using ghost mannequin removal service

  • Using ghost mannequin removal service ecommerce website remove any distractions that might cause the customer to think the product is dull or not attractive.
  • This service removes the unnecessary need of hiring a model thus saving hundreds of dollars in photoshoots.
  • Appeal to a greater audience by showcasing your products using ghost mannequin service. This creates a professional look on your ecommerce website.
  • Having all your product photos showcased by ghost mannequin service creates a uniform look that is very aesthetic to look at from a customer’s point of view.
Why Choose Our Ghost Mannequin Removal Service?
There are many ghost mannequin removal service provider companies today but there are a bunch of reasons why you should choose Clipping Service Studio. We offer high quality results and professionalism, combined with an affordable pricing. We also provide with transparent pricing so that you know what to expect to pay before you hiring our company. Clipping Service Studio employs a large big of experience graphic designers who are very dedicated at their work and always put the client’s needs first. Our team love the fact that they can take on large projects and deliver impressive high-quality results. Our team has honesty and integrity and we stand by our services. We assure our clients 100% satisfaction.