Image Retouching Service

Online photoshop image retouching service is a procedure where expert graphic designers make an image attractive by removing the unexpected object from the image. Showcase your ecommerce products and services in their best lights with professional photo retouching service. A photo is worth a thousand words. Quality photo retouching can help you make a significant impact on your customer’s perception of ecommerce products and services. We at Clipping service studio make sure that your photographs are sending the right message across. Our services intend to present your brand in a highly professional manner.

What is image retouching service?

Image retouching is also often referred to as photo retouching or photoshop retouching. In general image retouching service is when an expert graphic designer manipulates an image to make it look cleaner and more refined. The retouching that are usually done while image retouching service are dust/scratch/spot removal, wrinkles on cloth shading, beauty airbrushing, camera reflection removal etc.

Most of the time in modern businesses owners want high quality photos that are near perfection. The reason being people tend to display the best quality product photos to sell the most. When it comes to marketing images have to be very lucrative to grab the attention of the potential customers. That’s why image retouching service is really important for ecommerce business product showcase. 

Different types of image retouching service we provide

Image retouching service is a difficult job for any beginner or any inexperienced person. Anyone can use photoshop but not everyone can retouch a photo and make it look as natural as the real product. Retouching is very risky job. The slightest over editing can ruin the photo. Using the updated photoshop and other advanced editing tools is very important. There are different types of image retouching services based on the difficulty and client’s needs. Here are some details on the complexity of image retouching and techniques used for each type-

  1. High end image retouching service– Here the expert designers retouch high resolution images of models and ecommerce products. Normally spot removal, model face and all over skin retouching, light correction and color corrections are done in this service.
  2. Glamour retouching service– Here our professional designers retouch models and focus on overall beauty makeup and they even retouch hair and cloths to perfection.
  3. Human body shrink service– This is an interesting service. Here Our expert designers reduce models extra body fat and make the model more attractive.
  4. Jewelry retouching service– This one is our most valuable service to our most ecommerce jewelry business owners. Most jewelry when photographed show some sort of spot and scratches that need some retouching. Not every photo is perfect. Every photo needs a bit of retouching to reach perfection.  In this service our expert designers remove the spots and scratches from the jewelry and put a little shine on the product to make the jewelry pop out and look more eye catching to the customer. 
  5. Unwanted objects removal– Sometimes by accident you get a photo that is really good but someone photo bombed and that ruins the photo. Our professional graphic designer team will skillfully remove the unwanted object and retouch the photo to make It look as natural as possible. 

Benefits of image retouching service

  • Overall enhances the appearance of your photos or product photos to the customer.
  • Creates a premium quality experience for your ecommerce website.
  • Ecommerce websites have thousands of product photos that can take days to retouch. But image retouching service is affordable and can save so much time.
  • Grow your audience or customer base with high quality photo by using image retouching service.

Why Clipping service studio is the best professional image retouching service provider?

No matter where you are Clipping service studio has a professional team of graphic designers ready for your photo retouching work 24/7. If you are looking for attention to detail, Clipping service studio is definitely the right choice for you. Our team of professional graphic designers fulfil each order by hand and double check every work before delivering to the client. When it comes to retouching our team knows that the slightest over editing can ruin the whole picture. Our dedication to work make sure the original image is carefully balanced with photoshop edits to achieve a lifelike image. Here are some features that will definitely convince you Clipping service studio is the best choice for you-

  • We have a big team of experienced graphic designers who will deliver high quality image retouching service.
  • Our prices are very cheap and we provide special deals during holiday season to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • We have a reputation of delivering most of our orders on time.
  • Our company believes in the client’s needs always come first.
  • We have a customer service open 24/7 for our customers to ask any question related to photo retouching service.